JSA specializes in designing and implementing large and small group multi-stakeholder agenda setting and decision-making processes. Our niche focuses on using alternative dispute and conflict resolution techniques (fact-finding, facilitation, mediation, negotiation, consensus building, etc.) in public policy, civic engagement and organizational development processes related to achieving sustainable community development, environmental justice and smart growth.

In the Washington metropolitan region and throughout the United States, JSA has successfully helped implement numerous community visioning, waterfront, community redevelopment and transportation projects.

Utilizing dispute resolution techniques, JSA has developed and actively promotes transparency, openness and participation by all sectors of the public regardless of race, ethnicity, age, location or literacy level. JSA has excelled in delivering measurable civic engagement in simple and complex urban development projects.

JSA’s impartial professionals have decades of combined experience managing projects of various scopes and complexity including federal advisory councils, neighborhood visioning processes, community-wide revitalization projects, national town meetings and international United Nations conferences. Working with a high degree of integration allows the JSA team to bring years of community-based experience as well as the perspectives of active and committed builders of just and sustainable communities.

The transformation of land and individuals into just and sustainable communities requires highly credible, best practice information, education and communication processes. It also requires beliefs, values and behaviors that are grounded in faith and vision. Justice & Sustainability Associates has established itself as an essential resource for managing large and small multi-stakeholder agenda setting and decision-making processes because its associates combine faith with work and vision with organization.