Our impartial professionals design and implement:

Community Development Mediation is a process designed for community consensus building around the topic of community development. JSA brings communities together to discuss the quantity, quality, and types of development the neighborhood wants to support in its neighborhood.

Civic Engagement is the process through which the public participates in policy and planning decision-making forums. JSA designs and implements successful public meetings and hearings through which the public can voice their opinions about upcoming policy and planning initiatives.

Public Policy Development is the engagement of decision-makers, political leaders, and the public in a dialogue of desired changes in a public policy that would make the policy more effective. JSA designs and implements public policy dialogue agendas incorporating the input from all involved stakeholders. The facilitation team utilizes its expert training and experience to enable the group to reach consensus.

Strategic Organizational Consultation is the process by which an organization evaluates its current state of affairs, clearly states where it wants to be in the future, and plans a step-by-step process for how to achieve those goals. JSA provides Organizational Development services by conducting thorough assessments and evaluations, facilitating meaningful organizational discussions, and guiding the organizations through the planning and strategizing process.


JSA’s unique niche focuses on using alternative dispute resolution techniques in public policy, civic engagement and organizational development processes related to achieving sustainable community development, environmental justice and smart growth.


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